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BW-ERP Technology

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To achieve our goal of being truly platform independent and web integrated, we have selected a cutting edge Java-based development and deployment environment that allows our application server to use the very latest web technologies to deliver client information to a java client or a variety of web browsers.  This approach allows secure delivery of content from both local and remote sources.

BW-ERP will scale even in very large environments to handle the higher loads common in software as a service (SaaS) environments. BW-ERP also provides the security and data isolation features necessary to run in SaaS environments. 

On Premises AND SaaS with a single code base
BW-ERP supports all SaaS models out of the box: Multi-tenant, Multi-database and Multi-instance. 

SaaS and Back Again
Most modern SaaS platforms dictate that you use their proprietary platform, their proprietary infrastructure, their proprietary language, and their limited browser-based proprietary tools. 

With BW-ERP , clients can start using BW-ERP in a hosted environment and can then migrate to their own server when their organization is ready and be up and running the same day.

Nothing to Install
How many system administrators does it take to install BW-ERP on 2000 desktops? Zero! Our Smart Client does not have to be installed on machines manually or use deployment software. Deployment is handled automatically by the BW-ERP application server - making sure the client has the latest version -- and if not, BW-ERP Smart Client will automatically update itself and continue to launch. 

Nothing to Maintain
Whenever a new version of BW-ERP is placed on the application server, it is automatically pushed to all clients -- so there is no need to individually update each user when a new version is installed. You can roll back to the previous version with the push of a single button.

Two methods for clients to connect:

  • The BW-ERP Smart Client uses Java WebStart technology for a zero-deployment model -- there is no need to install the client on each workstation, or rollout new versions manually. BW-ERP Client maintains a two-way stateful connection with the application server -- providing the end-user with an interactive client experience. The BW-ERP smart client contains the technology to move script processing from your server and push it to the client. As a result, the application server has a lower load; provides better scalability; and end-users will be able to use BW-ERP faster and more efficiently.  The BW-ERP Smart Client has these advantages: 
    • Rich and Interactive User Experience - BW-ERP Smart Client maintains a stateful, two-way connection with the application server; and many of the business rules and  methods are run on the client computer -- resulting in even more robust performance.
    • No Browser Compatibility Problems - BW-ERP is deployed as a real application. There are no cross-browser compatibility issues. BW-ERP Smart Client behaves the same on all operating systems and platforms.
    • Lower Server Loads - Because the server can safely offload business rules to a BW-ERP Smart Client machine, the server can handle, on average, up to 10 times more concurrent users and expend fewer resources in the process.
  • The BW-ERP Web Client  is a revolutionary new way to allow clients to connect without the requirement of a full desktop environment and brings true application interactivity to the web browser.

Three Tier Deployment Model
For deployment, BW-ERP uses a three-tier model: database - application server - client to ensure maximum performance; minimum bandwith usage; minimum load on the database server; excellent performance and strict implementation of security rules. 

Runs on Any Hardware
BW-ERP scales from a single user on a low power machine to all the way up to hundreds of concurrent users - limited only by your hardware and the speed of your backend database. The BW-ERP Application Server can run on desktop machines all the way up to high-end mainframe servers -- on any platform that supports Java 1.4 or higher. BW-ERP can scale as you grow.

Efficient Application Server
BW-ERP uses intelligent technology to move business logic execution to the client - resulting in a server that demands less resources than comparable three tier applications. Our application server tracks which clients are viewing what data on which form, and then intelligently broadcasts data changes to only those clients that need it. The application server uses less resources by utilizing a similar intelligent technology when dealing with data caching on the client side. A typical 2-CPU server can easily scale to hundreds of concurrent users - depending on the speed of your backend database.

"Write Once Run Everywhere" was Sun's original battle cry when they created Java. BW-ERP is the embodiment of this promise: Not only is BW-ERP binary-compatible with most hardware and operating systems, it also offers built-in tools to deploy applications remotely. 

Deploy Locally and Remotely
Smart Client deployments are not limited to your local LAN -- you can also deploy your solution remotely to: WAN users, VPN users, Terminal Service users, Citrix users, web-browser users, PDA users and more. 

Two-Way Stateful Connection
BW-ERP maintains a two-way connection between the client and the server. This connection allows the server to initiate communications if necessary. For example: When data changed by another user needs to be broadcast to a particular client, the BW-ERP application server uses this persistent connection. You can also take advantage of this two-way connection in your own solutions for server and user-to-user communication.

Database Connection Pooling
To reduce the load on your database server, BW-ERP also uses connection pooling -- which allows database connections to be shared across multiple BW-ERP clients. Security and transaction handling are managed by BW-ERP's application server to ensure database consistency.

Everybody Can Run Their Favorite OS

BW-ERP supports all major operating systems including: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux, Novel Suse Linux, and other Linux flavors. You can run BW-ERP on multiple operating systems simultaneously.

More than Just Operating Systems
BW-ERP also supports "virtual" operating systems such as Terminal Services, Citrix and VMware. Although Citrix or Terminal Services are NOT REQUIRED, they are fully supported.

Mix Operating Systems and Cross Platforms
You can run BW-ERP in mixed environments without any additional configuration. In fact, you can move from one server operating system to another without any migration issues.

Data Encryption
All data between client and server is encrypted using 128-bit SSL encryption. You can optionally use your own SSL certificate from trusted organizations (such as Verisign and Thawte) for additional security. 

Automatic Audit Trail
By checking a single checkbox, you can turn on an audit trail. A full log will be maintained of all connected users changes/deletes/inserts data -- with detailed information on the user, time, old value, new value, table and server information. 

No Source Code on Client
Unlike many other applications that use JavaScript for their scripting environment, BW-ERP's JavaScript is never delivered to the client in human-readable form. Instead, the BW-ERP application server sends only encrypted binary objects to the client to ensure that the security rules you have implemented cannot be circumvented on the client side.

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