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Available Service Options

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Ad Hoc Support

Our simplest support plan - you call us when you need us. Simply contact our office via phone or submit a service request via e-mail and a support tech will be assigned to your request. If your issue requires an on-site visit, then we'll schedule a tech to come to your facility.

The Ad Hoc Support Plan provides you with a consistent source of IT support without having to make a long-term service commitment. Some of our small business clients prefer this plan because they gain the benefit of getting support from someone who understands their environment without the requirement to commit to a long-term support agreement.

Service Agreement

Larger or more complex organizations will need IT support on a more consistent basis. For these clients, we recommend a Service Agreement. A Service Agreement establishes a standard number of monthly support hours that can be used for both routine maintenace actions and emergency support. Routine maintenance actions are typically handled on a scheduled basis with a support tech visiting your site or working remotely. Urgent support requests are started by a phone call to our office.

Clients with a Service Agreement receive two important benefits: 
priority response and discounted rates. Priority response means that we will commit to working on your urgent support requests within a time limit specified in your Service Agreement. Service Agreement clients also receive discounted rates based upon the number of hours in the agreement.

Project Implementation

Some clients do not have the internal skills to implement a specific IT solution or may have staff too busy to take on yet another project. In those situtations, we can fill that gap. With a broad and deep range of IT skills, Business Works can design and implement turnkey solutions to support your business needs. We also maintain relationships with other technology providers so we can simplify your purchasing process and provide you with the benefits of a prime contractor. We can transition to a support role at the end of the project or provide skills transfer to your staff so they can maintain the solution going forward.

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