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Friday, 05 March 2010 11:36 Charles D. Amata Jr.

CDA-smSurviving today and navigating to a better tomorrow

At Business Works, we know from experience that economic downturns can present both challenges and opportunities to businesses and other organizations. Those that see it as a time to improve their operations, tap into new sources of talent, enhance their position in the marketplace, or enter new markets often emerge as industry leaders.

Leaders facing a downturn are challenged to deliver more efficiently with reduced resources and quickly adapt to the real-time challenges unique to this economic crisis. The greatest changes in a company's position within their industry often occur at times when economic turbulence is highest. Those organizations that quickly make the right decisions with conviction tend to benefit the most during times of change and challenge.

Throughout 2009, I spoke with many business and government leaders throughout Central Ohio and the US. From my conversations, it is clear that none of us are immune to the impact of an economic downturn. But at the same time, many leaders have found ways to strengthen their products and workforce in spite of economic conditions and are now well positioned to take on new opportunities as the recovery begins.

No one can accurately predict when the most recent economic downturn will be officially over, but year to date 2010 results - especially in the manufacturing sector, are very encouraging. We now know that positive action can help organizations survive and thrive even when the economy is not cooperating. We invite you to explore how Business Works of Ohio can help you navigate your business to a better tomorrow.


Charles D. Amata Jr.

President & CEO
Business Works of Ohio, LLC

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